How do you protect yourself against pressure to do something that you do not want to do?

It is important to set limits and standards for yourself before you begin a serious dating relationship. Setting limits and boundaries ahead of time can make it a lot easier to remain abstinent when you feel pressured.

Pressure to have sex can come from:

:: hormones
:: advertising in the media
:: peers
:: a boyfriend or girlfriend

Remaining abstinent is easier if you:

:: Follow Steps to Setting Boundaries
:: Protect Yourself from Pressure
:: Refusal Skills
:: Be Pressure Proof

A Refusal Skill is when you clearly communicate that you do NOT want something. Saying “NO” is a refusal skill, and there are many ways to do so. It’s not easy to tell someone “NO”, especially when they are pressuring you.

Refusal Skills

:: Say NO in a strong, firm voice
:: Say NO repeatedly (broken record)
:: Use strong confident body language that says NO
:: Make your decision known
:: Avoid tempting situations
:: Reverse the pressure
:: Change the subject
:: Suggest an alternative
:: Leave the situation


Steps to Setting Boundaries

Avoid certain situations: being alone in a house or isolated location

Avoid events or parties: where drugs and alcohol are present, and sex is taking place

Avoid certain behavior: never take off your clothes and do not use drugs and alcohol

How to be Pressure Proof

Set your limits and boundaries

Give a verbal response to pressure

Back up your verbal response with appropriate body language